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Get 90% of the Revenue

Our drivers get to take home more money than ever, with 90% of the ride or delivery fare going straight to their pockets.

Own 90% of the Platform

As a driver-owned cooperative, our drivers own 90% of the platform and get shares. Any driver can join!

Refer Drivers/Riders

Spread the word to help more drivers become independent and tell riders to join and spread the word!

Why Join?

Get 90% of the equity and revenue

Our drivers enjoy the highest compensation on the market.

Flexible Schedule

Our drivers can work according to their schedule and availability.

Become a member of a grassroots movement

Our co-op is driver-owned and operated.

Riders save up to 20% versus competition

Enjoy unbeatable rates, guaranteeing your money supports the drivers and their families.

Taxi Medallion / License Holders

For drivers who had invested in medallions, we have a solution for you that considers the investment that you have made and, unfortunately, have been let down on.

Fleet / Taxi Cab Operators

For those owners of taxi cab companies and fleet operators, the Local Driver Co-op also has a solution that will help you gain drivers and when the era of automation kicks in, you will be a step beyond the competition, through the Local Driver AI Initiatives.

About Us

The Local Driver Co-op is a co-operative that is owned and operated by its drivers. As opposed to companies such as Uber and Lyft, our drivers get 90% of the revenue with ownership in the co-op. In addition, members receive dividend payouts from the co-op at the end of each year, based on the profits the co-op has generated.
Local Driver’s Direct Local app is a state-of-the-art mobile ride-share and delivery app (available on both Android and iOS markets). The product delivery is similar to how most common delivery platforms operate today (e.g.: UberEats, Foodora, etc.), however, it also allows the delivery of all types of items, not just meals and food. The Direct Local app allows consumers in every city and community to order from local businesses. The app enables consumers to order from multiple stores in one shot, optimizing the delivery route for the drivers.

Need a ride? Need to shop? Look no further – we have it all in one app!

Download the Direct Local app today – your one-stop shop for everything local!

Be The Future

In today’s rapidly evolving world, we hope to employ these self-driving vehicles to ensure the drivers of today are not left behind when automation becomes the new reality. By employing this new technology, the livelihood of millions of people will not be in question but rather, they will be able to prepare for the age of automation by upgrading their existing vehicles to self-driving ones.